Adding Terpenes to your tincture

We admit that when a CBD tincture is properly infused with terpenes, it’s incredibly delicious. So how can you do this at home? It’s easy…

  1. Buy some natural terpenes from a local retailer. (If you can’t find them locally, support a small online business that sources sustainable and organic botanical terpenes.)
  2. Add terpenes to unflavored CBD tincture at a rate of 1% of total weight. For example, if you’re infusing a 30mL bottle of CBD tincture, add 1 drop of terpenes at a time, testing the flavor as you go, and increasing the amount to your liking.
  3. Shake vigorously. Terpenes will quickly dissolve into your CBD tincture, giving you a homogenous solution without any special equipment. Easy!
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