It’s time to let go of your stress, with this easy to follow CBD brownie recipe. 

You Will Need:

Brownie Mix or use your own homemade recipe (my preference is Ghirardelli Triple Chocolate Brownie Mix)

9×9-inch or 8×8-inch Square Glass or Metal Pan – you can cut 16 perfect squares by marking sections in half and then half again. This is important as this calculates the amount of CBD in each brownie.


Vegetable oil

Kephart Acres CBD oil – 1500mg – unflavored natural 


Follow instructions on box, and just add the CBD oil to vegetable oil. Below is a chart to use with our 1500mg bottle of CBD to determine the amount of CBD to add for either a Light, Medium or Strong recipe. If you choose to make the stronger CBD brownies you can reduce the amount of vegetable oil that was replaced by CBD oil.

  1. (16 servings – light) 12.5 mg servings per brownie add 2 1/2 teaspoons or 4 droppers of CBD oil to recipe = 200mg of CBD
  2. (16 servings – medium) 25 mg servings per brownie add 5 teaspoons or 8 droppers of CBD oil to recipe = 400mg of CBD
  3. (16 servings – strong) 50 mg servings per brownie add 10 teaspoons or 16 droppers of CBD oil to recipe = 800mg CBD

Hint: Put chocolate icing on the top to practally eliminate any taste of CBD oil, especially if you choose to make a strong batch!

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